Breeding for Quality and Performance Since 1989

About Us

We started our program on the family ranch, 24 acres located in a small valley just west of the city of Vacaville, CA.

We began raising Beefmasters while our three children were still in school, and the family worked together to get the ranch work done. John worked as a high school teacher, while Sue stayed at home raising the family and learning the management end of the cattle production business. Today it’s just the two of us as our children are now adults, working in their own careers. We fell in love with the Beefmaster breed way back when we purchased that first bull in 1986, and it’s our belief in the fundamentals of the breed that keeps us so involved today.

Both of us have been active in BBU, serving on many committees including the BBU Board of Directors. We have both been in the Western States Beefmaster Breeders Association, and have served in every office within that satellite except Treasurer. We are both active in the Napa-Solano Cattlemen’s and Woolgrowers’ Association, as well as being members of the California Cattlemen’s Association, and John has been active in the county Farm Bureau, as well as having been a State Director of the California Farm Bureau for nine years.